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Spring Time!

Guess what? Spring is here!

Since Bulben House is based in the UK, we've been enjoying the weird weathers that comes with living here, but hey, we shouldn't be surprised at this point. However, we did enjoy the snow since it has been awhile; not only once but a few times there was the sprinkling and build-up of snow.

I'll ask this, what comes after the snow? That the snow melts? No - it becomes spring! Despite how illuminous the snow can get, the excitement you can get getting out of bed to then pull out the curtains to see the snow, you can't forget that spring is right around the corner. The flourish of flowers, trees and grass, animals coming out of hibernation and the less amount of layers you have to wear, the sun coming out to shine a lot more.

So, what comes with spring? What new trends come along with this new season?
For one thing, flowers and greenery - fake plants during the cold weather can only do so much, so now it's time to look out for the daffodils, bluebells and blossoms etc. a lovely and fresh contrast against the bright sun to greet us in the morning.

For those who can't commit to live plants; if it's travelling or being too busy, don't worry - we understand! It's probably why ornamental plant types are coming back into trend!
Fruits, sorted.
Cacti, sorted.

We've also noticed that rich pigmented colours are in trend this spring, what couldn't go amiss already is the colour, mustard! Contrast that with another trending theme is dark wood, tropical prints or even metallic accents.

Spring Has Come!

But you know what's reigning supreme like a Meat Supreme pizza?

So, what do you have planned for your home decor this spring?

Tell us what's up and we'll see you in the next post!

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