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Lights are Magic!

In this day and age, lighting is not just about the typical lightbulb; it's a source of inspiration, beauty and style. As humans, it is in our basic instincts to go towards light. Lighting is so versatile that it can effect people in different ways, whether its through its form, shape or colour.
In our eyes, that is what we see for what lighting is capable of, creating magic.

Lighting, through whatever form it comes in, it can be adaptable, adjustable and innovated multiple times over in different ways; the possibilities are endless! So, through whatever lighting item you put in your home, it has the power to transform it.

When you're customising your own personal space with lighting, it's as if you can do no wrong, if you want fairy lights, add them, if you want candles, add them, if you want spheres of light, add them! They will all compliment each other no matter what, which is kind of the great thing about them.

Using lighting to decorate is probably most ideal in public spaces where people can socialise, living room, terraces, balconies, gardens or even your bedroom. Since using lighting, it can help effect change in people's moods, it can become a talking point in a conversation or just make you feel comfortable with the warm atmosphere that it has created.

When it comes to the bedroom, some keys words that come to mind are:
Comfort • Warm • Personal

Lights Are Magic

When it comes to the garden, some adjectives that seem relevant are:
Fresh • Free • Awe

Lights Are Magic

However, if there's one word that could be added and easily make sense, hands down... MAGIC.
You can't say none of the images shown don't ooze in magic!

"Darkness is the absence of light", which is probably it feels more magical during the darkness, there's something powerful about light. 

What's your opinion on lighting? What effect does it have on you? Where and how do you use lighting as a decor element?

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