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Diffusing the Stress!

What have we been loving recently? Air humidifiers and oil diffusers.

Whilst we've been working in the office, some of us work along to music, podcasts, some of us like to watch videos or watch tv series or some like to work in complete silence. How do you like to work?

However, no matter how much we work and how much we get done, who doesn't get stress, am I right?

So, with the use of some oil diffusers in the office, we've been loving the scents of chamomile and lavender, it's a great and lovely aroma wafting through the room as you work but it's also soothing through its smell and surprisingly enough, it's sound. I know that sound a bit weird, but it's little noise it makes as it's diffusing its water and essential oil mixture, there's something soothing about it.

Anyway, what am I on about? Well, there's a growing trend to help soothe stress, mental health and the desire to relax more in the few hours we have after work.
So, through an oil diffuser, we're able to combine water with a few drops of whatever sent we wish, chamomile, rose etc. and it'll start diffusing that into the air as we work. It's been helping us relax and focus whilst containing our stress, it seems! 

Like I always say to my colleagues, treat yourself! (It's probably why we've been kind of having a few spa/working day recently).

How do you like to mellow down whilst at work, during breaks, lunch etc.?

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We'll be reading your comments, so, until our next post - see you there!

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