April 23, 2018

I don't know about you but I feel like summer has come early with this heatwave we have in the UK! It definitely took us by surprise and now we're absolutely boiling in this humidity! But it does mean summer is coming and we're excited for it!

Summer reminds us of sunglasses, cool drinks, beaches, time with friends and family and smiles! For the times when you're tired and need to chill from the hot sun, a little cooling down is always the best solution. For some, it's ice tea, lots of ice, a fan, parasols. For us, it's using those handy air humidifiers to cool the air and create a floral ambience to relax and cooldown to.

When going out for the summer sun, we get a lot more interaction with nature, don't you think? The swaying of the free green trees, the pop of colours from blooming flowers, the freshness of the mowed grass... All part of the change and start of embracing the summer season.
Get intact with nature with some woodgrain patterns and fresh colours to your decor; it's like spring-cleaning but spring-adding to your interior!

Summer Has Come Early!

What do you do to cool down during those hot sticky days and what will you be adding to your decor?

You can check out our Air Humidifier & Oil Diffuser Collection by clicking here!

See you later in our next post!

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